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Pat Shaw and More   CD   € 18,00

A selection by our callers of English Country Dances

Dance instructions in booklet and played by Triple Time 


Dance cribs


Dance   Published in / Author
Burlington House  R6x52 Another Look at Playford - Pat Shaw/John Young
Trumpet Vine  R6x32 Pat Shaw’s Pinewoods - Pat Shaw
Bell of Creation  W7x32  Pat Shaw Collection of Dances - Pat Shaw
Once I loved a Maiden Fair  R11x16 Another Look at Playford - Pat Shaw/John Playford
A Reel Set  R6x32 ♪♪ Brian Jenkins & Trad.
Halsway Manners J6x32 Mary Devlin
Upon the Morning Breeze  R4x20  Additional Calculated Figures - Gary Roodman
Silent Worship  R4x32 Mary Divett
Colterom  W6x32  New Wine in Old Bottles - Pat Shaw
Levitation  R4x32 Simone Verheyen
Now is the Month of Maying R7x32 CDSS News 147, March/April 1999 - Jenny Beer
Recruiting Officer  J3x32 Antwerp Antics - Philippe Callens 
Bugbees Hole  R3x32  The Fallibroome Collection – N. Broadbridge/B. Bentley
Hard Times  Mi3x64 New Wine in Old Bottles - Pat Shaw
Hamburger Special R9x16 Pat Shaw’s Pinewoods - Pat Shaw
As I roved out one Morning  R6x22 New Wine in Old Bottles - Pat Shaw
Old Wives' Tales  J4x32 New Wine in Old Bottles - Pat Shaw
All the Young Folk  R3x32 New Wine in Old Bottles - Pat Shaw
The Zither Man  R6x32  Cumbriana Jones and the Theatre of Doom - Colin Wallace
Triple Greetings  ³/2 6x32 ♪  Chris Dewhurst, 2012



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