Holland as seen in the English Country Dance 1713 – 1820    Book € 9,50

A selection of 20 Country Dances with references to Holland in their titles taken from various English sources
selected, edited and described by PAT SHAW
Admiral Mitchell’s Waltz or A Rout in the TexelAdm. Mitchell’s Waltz or a rout in the Texel2/3C,LW
Auretti’s Dutch SkipperAuretts Dutch Skipper2C,LW
Ballet Hollandoise, LaLa Ballet Hollandoise3C,LW
Dutch Pins / Dutch DollarsDutch Pins / Dutch Dollars3C,LW
Dutch Skipper, TheThe Dutch Skipper / The Jig to the Dutch Skipper3C,LW
Dutchman, TheThe Dutch Man3C,LW
Helder Point (i)Helder Point2/3C,LW
Helder’s Point (ii)Helder’s Point2C,LW
Holland’s GinnHolland’s Ginn2C,LW
Juliana IJuliana3C,LW
Juliana IIJuliana3C,LW
Juliana IIIJuliana3C,LW
Juliana IVJuliana3C,LW
Nassau, TheThe Nassau3C,LW
Prince William (i)Prince William3C,LW
Prince William (ii)Prince William3C,LW
Prince William’s ReturnPrince Williams Return3C,LW
Texel, TheThe Texel2/3C,LW
Texel Island, TheThe Texel Island2/3C,LW
Trip to the Texel, AA Trip to the Texel2C,LW
Up with the Orange (Oranje Booven)Oranje Booven2/3C,LW
Walcheren WaltzWalcheren Waltz2/3C,LW
Zealand *Zealand / De Haerlemmerdijk (172)2C,LW
* Recorded on CD “Dutch Callers’ Choice”  
The number in brackets after the names of the tunes refers to the number of the tune in the collections “Oude en Nieuwe Hollantse Boerenlietjes en Contredansen”. http://www.simonplantinga.nl/hbc.html.