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NVS Information in English

ENGlish Country dance

Within the NVS  English Country Dances are predominant. In a dancing session the various figures are explained by a teacher, who then goes on to call them during the dance. 


There are various types of square dance and our variety comes from North America.  A dance formation  -a square – is made up of 4 couples  facing across a circle. After the caller has explained the various figures, the dance itself consists of a singing call where the teacher sings, interspersing the song  text with the  dance figures, which the square then performs.


International dance is drawn from around the world and can take many forms, dancing with or without a partner,  energetic  or slow-moving. International  dancing is mainly done by our younger members, and are often to be encountered at our Whitsun and summer camps.

When you are new to the world of Country-dancing whether this is English, Scottish, Irish or American, you can find out more by clicking on the links. However we suggest that you first read more about English Country Dancing in our brief summary.

What is NVS?

"Nederlandse Volksdans Stichting" (Dutch Folk-dance foundation), was set up in 1946. When the decision was made to create a more democratic structure the name changed, but the initials stayed the same.

What are the activities of the NVS?

NVS organises dance events at local and national level in the field of English, Scottish and American dance forms.  Details of forthcoming events can be found in the club magazine "Dancenews", which appears every 2 months. NVS has a small stock of items for sale and maintains an archive of relevant  books and recordings.

How can I find out more?

We have a flyer with more information, or you can contact us by email.




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