English or Double Dutch 1  CD + Book   € 19,50

Dutch Country Dances in English Style by Cor Hogendijk
PLAYED by Dutch Comfort

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Iris’s WhirlingJenny Pluck Pears(J16W8)6
Isle of SkylgeDrie Boeren DrieR7x32
Isle of SkylgeDrie Boeren DrieR5x32
Arnold’s CircleOnder de LindenR7x36
Arnold’s CircleOnder de LindenR5x36
Lady Oriole’s WalkLondesteynR7x32
Lady Oriole’s WalkLondesteynR5x32
Baltish turnTrad.Rt7x32
Boys from the NorthKontradans (Overijssel)J7x32
The Faithful VillagerO Boose en Domme JeughtJ7x32
The Faithful VillagerO Boose en Domme JeughtJ5x32
The First NightWij zijn al bijeenJ7x32
The First NightWij zijn al bijeenJ5x32
Jelle and JolyRufty TuftyR8x28
Jelle and JolyRufty TuftyR6x28
Liesbeth’s Double FiveJuffrouw ElisabethR7x32
Trippers from AmsterdamGoddessesR6x32
Southwind & NorthwindAir uit King Arthur3/2 5×32
The TroublesHomlusJ7x32
The TroublesHomlusJ5x32
Marjorie’s Sou’WesterAir uit King Arthur3/2 8×16
The CracknelsSpagnolette ReformeertRt3x32
Utrecht HornpipeLord of the Dance / QuakerHp6x16


 English or Double Dutch (book)

Dutch Country Dances in English Style by Cor Hogendijk

BOOK Volume I    € 9,00


Iris’s Whirling *Jenny Pluck PearsCircle
Isle of Skylge *Drie Boeren Drie (7)Circle
Arnold’s Circle *Onder de Linden (841)Do Circle
Cycling MayAny 32-bar JigDo Circle
Three Ladies YardAny 32-bar JigCircle
Lady Oriole’s Walk *LondesteynSi,Ci
MacFrisian Waltz32-bar slow waltzSi,Ci
Baltish turn *Dutch Trad.2C,LW
Boys from the North *Kontradans (Overijssel)2C,LW
Crossing the Dyke32-bar slow waltz2C,LW
The Faithful Villager * O Boose en Domme Jeught (121)2C,LW
The First Night *Wij zijn al bijeen2C,LW
Jelle and Joly *Rufty Tufty2C,LW
Ladies from the WestAny 32-bar Reel2C,LW
Liesbeth’s Double Five * / **Juffrouw Elisabeth (122)2C,LW
North Country Waltz32-bar Waltz2C,LW
Prince GardenThe Dutch House2C,LW
Trippers from Amsterdam *Goddesses2C,LW
Gevu GirlsUp jumped the devil2C,LW
Mixed GirlsUp jumped the devil2C,LW
Southwind *Air uit King Arthur2C,LW
Northwind *Air uit King Arthur2C,LW
The Troubles *Homlus (45)2C,LW
Annet’s Hornpipe32-bar slow HornpipeTrios,SiCi
Double Speed Hornpipe32-bar slow HornpipeTrios,SiCi
The Cook’s FeetAny 32-bar Jig3C,Set
The Cracknels *Spagnolette Reformeert (46)3C,Set
Pat’s Tradition **My Wife’s a wanton wee thing3C,Set
The SpeedboatSteamboat3C,Set
Utrecht Hornpipe *Lord of the Dance / Quaker3C,Circle
*Recorded on CD “English or Double Dutch”
**Recorded on CD “Dutch Crossing” 
The number in brackets after the names of the tunes refers to the number of the tune in the collections “Oude en Nieuwe Hollantse Boerenlietjes en Contredansen”. http://www.simonplantinga.nl/hbc.html. 






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