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12 English Country Dances By Ernst van Brakel 

DanceTune(s)  Recorded on
Celebration, TheThe Mulberry Garden4C,LWJ8x16CD: EFDSSCD09
Chestnut SquareThe Wee Cooper O’Fife>16C,SqJ4x40 
Day Trip to BangorDay Trip to Bangor5C,LWJ2+19+5×35+1EP: RCA PB4828
Diet of Dancing, AMonday Night4LW of 5CR5x32CD: FECD188
Dutch Crossing       **The Merry Lads of Ayr8C,SLR4x64CD: RSCDSCD017
Early One Morning  * + **Early One Morning2C,LWR7x32 
Forty Bars or The Drunk’s DelightThe Duchess of Buccleugh4C,SqR4x40CD: RSCDSCD061
Kit QuitsOld Grey Goose2C,LWJ7x32CD: CDTRAX315
Lost and Found      **Lochanside2C,LWW7x32 
Sunday MorningMiss Margaret Brander, J.P.2C,LWR7x32CD: RSCDSCD024
Traveller’s JoyLady ShaftesburySi,CiR7x32CD: RSCDSCD052
Village Fair, TheThe Village Bells4C,SqR4x32CD: RSCDSCD031
*   Recorded on CD “Shades of Shaw”   
** Recorded on CD “Dutch Crossing”   






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