Anders van Anders Book  € 6,-


Dances in English style by Taco ANDERS Sikkema

Book only in Dutch 

Dance Tune(s)     Recorded on
66,6 Prince William II 2C,LW J6x32 CD-01-FW8
Athytis As 't hyt is 3C,LW R3x32 LP: Ph 6423-300
Basket with the Banner Glenn Towle 4C,Sq R4x64+32 CD-01-FW8
Caen Hill Staircase or Up and Down Devizes   Lemmie Brazil / Leitrim Thrush 3C,LW R3x32 CD: Old Hat Dance Band
Debbie’s Jig Debbie's Jig / Cadeau's Jig 2C,LW J7x32 AADS 9208
Draper’s Maggot T.A.S. Draper's Maggot 2C,LW W6x32 EFDSS CD06
Dung Races Walker Street Reel / Temperance Reel 2C,LW R7x32 LP: FR 201
Eastcoast Jig Eastcoast Jig 2C,LW J7x32 LP: FR 201
Frisian Angelnut Nerissa / Larry's Waltzes Si,Ci W6x32+16 GMM 2005
Frymoor House   Si,Ci R.x32  
Jigsaw Reel Kaleidoscope 2C,LW R7x32 CD: Dances with a Diff. 3
Joyful Forty Years Finse Reigentanz 3C,LW R32+40+40  
King of Poland 2 King of Poland 2C,LW J9x20 EFDSS CD09
Late at Boxtel Earl of Mansfield 2C,LW R6x32 CD-01-FW8
The Leaving of Aebinga Steal Away 2C,Sp.LW W5x32+16 CD: Fureys & David Arthur
Little Farmer’s Wife ** Het Boerinnetje 2C,LW J7x28  
Orleans Baffled 2 * Orleans Baffled 3C,LW 3/2 9x12  
* Recorded on CD “Shades of Shaw”      
** Recorded on CD “Dutch Callers' Choice”      







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